Being attuned to Reiki, I understand the power of healing. My sister swears that I get rid of headaches for her through this mysterious treatment, although I sometimes end up with one myself. But Reiki is, apparently, so last year, when there’s super-powerful “Vortex Healing” to be experienced.

But what is it? “Many people are drawn to Vortex Healing because of its effectiveness at releasing the roots of the mental, emotional and karmic conditioning that can keep us stuck in our issues. “explained Tania, my Vortex Healer , “Vortex Healing is a unique form of energy healing that is truly holistic in the way that it works on a person. There are 49 different forms of Vortex Light, each with a different function, and each goes exactly where it needs to go to optimally help the person receiving the healing.

Whether you need grounding, centring, nurturing or energising, have deep blockages and conditioning to be released, or specific physical symptoms to be healed, Vortex Healing works very deeply on both a physical and emotional level. It is an amazing tool for deep transformation.

Tania started by asking me what I wanted to heal – where do I start? Love life: non-existent; work: taken a usual September dip… I also just started with a sore throat – might as well get it all fixed at once!

I also requested that Tania would also do some cord cutting – a spiritual technique that would help to release me from a particular toxic past relationship. Something I had received a few years before and had been very effective.

Tania instructed me to lie on my back, fully clothed and was told to uncross my legs to allow the healing to get everywhere it needed to. Then I heard this strange noise – a loud sound erupted from my stomach. So embarrassing I thought. “Sorry”, I said to Tania, “I did eat breakfast and even had a smoothie on the way here!” Tania smiled and in a very matter of fact way said “oh that’s the healing, it’s started already”. Of course it has, kind of makes sense!

So, ignoring my gurgling stomach I closed my eyes and the treatment started. Tania gently placed her hands on different parts of my body, staying on each area until she felt ready to go on.

Near the start, I saw a large whirling colourful light above me then drifted in and out of awareness with changing images fading in and out in my head. During the treatment I felt deep relaxation and at one point, whilst lay on my front I saw a flashing white light in front of my right eye and near the very end I think I actually fell fully asleep.

I was woken by a lovely chiming of bells and Tania’s soothing voice telling me the treatment was over. Afterwards I felt like I has been asleep for several days and felt sleepy, but not groggy. Tania then explained what she had seen…

“I felt a lot from your stomach area, I saw loads of butterflies… this represents emotions.. also you had a shell, but there was no pearl – I asked where it was. You are your own pearl and you need to cherish and love yourself. Then I did the cord cutting – there were a lot of cords! And your throat – you need to talk about things more. That is why you have a sore throat!”

This lady was good. So I need to find love myself a bit more, talk a bit more, and let my emotions out? I’ll certainly try.

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