Restaurateurs understand that dining by candlelight is one of the most romantic experiences a couple can enjoy, which is why so many bring out the candle holders on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day. Candlelight has a special quality; its gently flickering red and yellow glow can soften even the hardest of faces, and cast subtle shadows to add a touch of mystery, while the flames with their gentle heat can induce a feeling of cosiness. But there is no reason why dining by candlelight has to be reserved for special dates and restaurants. This touching, romantic gesture is easy to achieve at home, and also serves as a constant, timeless decoration when the candleholders themselves are things of beauty.

I always think that the dining table is the natural habitat for candlesticks and candle holders, but just because it is traditional, it does not follow that the design of these items has to be as well. For those who like something a little more quirky than classical column-style or fluted candlesticks, this Metal Duck Feet Candle Holder should be just the thing. It is decidedly quirky, perfect for animal lovers and those with a sense of humour, featuring the three-claws of a duck’s foot and the protruding spur and the scaled texture of the leg. The whole piece is picked out in incredible detail, and when surrounded by a dinner party, is sure to be a great conversation starter.

We love these other quirky nature inspired candle holders aswell:

For those who prefer something a little less quirky and a design that is a lot more simple and yet interesting, the Medley Tea Light Holder is a great choice. This low-standing piece works perfectly as a dining table’s centrepiece; it is able to hold as many as thirteen tea lights in one go, although there is no need to fill all of them. The delicate porcelain of the individual holders allow the tea light flames to shine through their walls and cast a muted glow on the dining table surface. This many naked flames will really add depth and interest to a room, reflecting off of mirrors and light fittings to cast an ever-changing illumination.

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