Being an intimate wax specialist I thought I had heard of everything to do with the lady garden, but in popped an email one day – asking if I knew anyone that offered the Vaginal Steam (V Steam), or Korean Steam Bath as it is also known.

Steaming your vagina!  Well that was a new one.

I’m all in favour of treating my little twinkle to whatever it requires – so before you could say Bacterial Vaginosis I was straight on Google.  I thought it was a joke, but there, sure enough was a picture of a lady sat on something with a large silver cape around her.  She was steaming her vagina.

My research continued and this is what I found – the v steam is already a hit in Central and South America, and Korea this centuries-old holistic technique is becoming more and more popular. It is thought to help with fertility (by relaxing the cervix), menstrual cramps, irregular periods, uterine problems, episiotomy (yep, wish I’d known about 2 years ago) and even stress! Apparently my cervix was going to be cleansed, toned and nourished.

I chose to try a vaginal steam last night, a couple of days after my period finished– in the hope it would help my womb recover from, let’s face it, the equivalent of ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

Apparently all you need is some hot water, a customised stool, and the special blend of herbs including Mugwort, Rosemary and Lavender (I got mine online )

V Steam Slow Cooker and Herbs

V Steam Slow Cooker and Herbs

You boil up the herbs – I used my slow cooker. Take it off the heat, and put it under the stool I had customised, once belonging to my toddler (now the vagi-stool).   I had deliberated squatting for 30 minutes, and then remembered I find hovering over a public toilet a challenge at the best of times.

Eager to get going I ignored the warning to let the water cool a bit first – I was on the phone to a friend who was trying to explain her latest relationship dramas and all I could say was “ooh!” “Ouch!” “Eek!” for the first five minutes.

I then wrapped myself in a blanket to seal in the steam and sat, (now giving my full attention to said friend) for 45 minutes until the steam has ceased.

It felt pleasant and warm, and the herbs smelt like a cross between a bouquet garni and a herbal tea. The warmth was soothing and once I had found a comfortable position in the very small chair I had chosen as my seat,  I was quite relaxed!

Vagi stool

Vagi stool

So the results – I had a really good nights’ sleep, although it did seem to have a slightly diuretic effect in the night.  My stomach does seem less bloated today than usual, which is always a bonus, and I did seem to have more energy, but then again that could just be because I slept well..

So I am no longer a “V steam” virgin… would I do it again? Well it would be a shame to waste the remaining herbs….