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I qualified as a solicitor in 1983 and have specialised in Matrimonial Law representing clients through divorce and financial disputes and also Family Law both Public and Private as well as Criminal Law. I am a former member of the Law Society Children Panel and was the preferred solicitor for the local Women’s refuge, so I have wide experience of domestic abuse. I have wide experience of representing clients in relation to disputes over children. I no longer practice Matrimonial and Family Law. I am a great believer in Alternative Dispute Resolution and qualified as a Family Mediator in 2007. I spent several years working for a large mediation practice in the North West and now am a director of my own Company. My practice actively supports Kids in the Middle a new charity for young people whose parents are separating/divorcing. Visit and follow me: @bebaroo

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Kids in the Middle

This is where children whose parents are in the process of separating or divorcing often find themselves. For some children, it is where they remain if their parents find themselves embattled and embittered by protracted disputes over how often the children spend with each of them. Thankfully for all of us someone has had the(…)

Divorcing Parents

Divorcing Parents

Having worked in Family Law/Mediation for many years, I am all too aware of the trauma caused by the breakdown of relationships, not only to children but to the adults as well. Often, the conflict which adults find themselves in as a result is so overwhelming that it becomes almost impossible to be logical and(…)