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About MissMarples

MissMarples is a website for women and covers topics ranging from health and beauty to business, technology to sex and recipes to book reviews. It’s not just for mums, career women, fashionistas, foodies, homebirds or gossip girls mainly because in our experience women tend to have the ability to embrace all of these characteristics at once and then some.

The articles on here aren’t written by journalists, corporate marketing departments or pr people. They’re written by strong, sassy, smart women from different backgrounds who have something to say. They qualify to write for MissMarples not because of their attainment in English, or experience writing for a living, they qualify because they have experiences they want to share. Non biased, honest and dealing with issues that affect us all at some point or other.

Much like the 50 shades phenomenon found a very much hidden gap in the market and made it OK for women to read ‘mummy porn’, MissMarples hopes to touch on issues that are common amongst women but which are not necessarily openly talked about. Who’d have thought the world was full of middle aged BDSM dreamers! Whatever your thoughts we’re pretty sure you’re not on your own.

There are things you may have an opinion on, some things you didn’t realise you had an opinion on, some things you don’t like to admit you have an opinion on and probably some things you don’t have an opinion on!

MissMarples aims to be a forum for women across the UK to share thought provoking, entertaining and useful information. We promote solidarity and support for women across the UK by sharing our thoughts and experiences and we welcome open mindedness, genuine feedback and constructive comments from our writers and readers alike.

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